a bug for round things

August 20, 2010 — 10 Comments

North Charleroi, Pennsylvania, has two round houses, both designed and built in the wake of WWII by contractor Walter Rockwell. “He had a bug for round things,” his son told a local paper.


10 responses to a bug for round things


    The Pittsburgh, Pa., area has at least one more round house. . . I grew up in it. Designed by (my uncle) architect Preston Abbey, Bradford, PA, it was built in the Pittsburgh suburb of O’hara Township around 1961. Sandstone and redwood exterior, circular staircase up the middle with rooms radiating outward from there. Skylight over the top of the staircase.


    Here to report another PA round house; built by my father in the 90’s in Plymouth Meeting. Would love to share pictures and learn more about the history and fascination of round houses to the futurist/visionary set. Please contact me if interested!


    I am Walter Rockwell’s grandson. The link for my web site has some photos of the round house he built as his home the latter part of his life and the article about the house in the photo above. The house he lived in was in Carroll Township, Washington County, Monongahela, PA.


    Love these houses. My great-grandfather and grandfather (both named Walter S. Rockwell) built several in that area. The round garage with the rotating deck to turn the car around after pulling in was always the most fascinating to me.

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