cool pre-fab swede

September 26, 2010 — 5 Comments

A coolly elegant Swedish example of the modern pre-fab trend

Designed by Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, this round house was recently built in Borlänge, Sweden.  Apparently it’s nearly air-tight, exemplifying the kind of energy efficient, eco-friendly design that is needed in these oil-spilling, climate-changing times.

Here is its floor plan –


5 responses to cool pre-fab swede


    Beautiful house, but it sure smashes the hell out of its environment to site it. Of course, those spindly trees around it are spindly from generations of logging, aren’t they? So maybe who cares if you smash an already degraded forest? Putting a cap or bill over the windows to keep out sun in July and let it in during January would have messed with the cute lines, but at least the house wouldn’t have been fighting it out year-round with sunlines. An airtight house isn’t a good thing, either in January or July. Not shown in this photo: the massively destructive roads that connect this place to the money spigot.


    If you do some research you will find that the house is situated north of the 60th parallel. The Swedes have been smart enough to build most of their new houses on non-arable land such as can be seen in the photo. As for the trees, they may well be old growth; the further north you go, the smaller and spindlier they get. There are two kinds of soil in Sweden, lush farmland and bare rock with very little growth. I’ll take the rock, and leave the good land to the farmers!

    Rev. Marsha Swenson October 22, 2010 at 4:21 pm

    This one is closest to the one I’m renovating. It’s circular, with three levels, plus a demi-lune basement. It has been kept clean since it was built, but needed much work when I bought it two years ago. The architect is Herb DeLevie, a holocaust survivor who in his youth used long days of silent hiding to draw… and draw, and draw. When he came to the USA he became a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. The original owner from whom I purchased the home is very private, so I would need permission to share that name. This house is located in Madison, Wisconsin.


      Hi Reverend!

      I’m a fan of your house also. I was just about to put my bid in when yours was accepted. I was already living in one of Herb’s houses and still am. I hope you didn’t tear out the purple shag carpeting!! If you ever decide to sell your home, please contact me right away.


      Carol Fifi AKBD, WRID

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