une maison ronde

February 21, 2012 — 3 Comments

A postcard dating from about 1910 shows a round house in Rixensart, Belgium –

This very unusual house has since been torn down, unfortunately.


3 responses to une maison ronde


    I am going to comment on your site in general. I hope that is okay.

    It is an interesting and focused niche you have here. These roundies are rare beasts. I am more familiar with houses that have large round elements, like a turret or a corner porch. I find that any roundedness seems to make a house more interesting. Not always more beautiful, but more interesting.

    My highschool was built on the site of two sixteen-sided barns built by George Washington. One has been recreated at Mount Vernon. Perhaps you can get a picture of it. It was rounded so that a horse could march around in circle threshing wheat.

    I have a website dedicated to houses at http://www.house-design-coffee.com . Feel free to drop in and chat.


    I just remembered. I put up a page on my brother’s octagonal log cabin. You might want to borrow a pic.

    You can find it at http://www.house-design-coffee.com/handcrafted-log-home.html


    thanks, your website is very cool; i particularly liked the houses in fiction section.

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