reprieve for frank lloyd wright round house

October 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

A deal was signed last week by the developer who owns the 1952 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house in Phoenix, and the city of Phoenix, which delays the demolition of the house for at least a month.

The developer, 8081 Meridian, contends that the city issued a valid demolition permit that would allow the house to be torn down.  Having bought the house in June 2012 for $1.8 million, he has reportedly turned down a cash offer of more than $2 million from a prospective buyer looking to save the historic structure.

“It is probably the most important residential design of the last decade of his career,” said Janet Halstead, the  executive director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy. “Many architecture experts consider it among the 20 most important Frank Lloyd Wright designs ever built.”

The search for a buyer who can satisfy the developer’s financial demands continues.


2 responses to reprieve for frank lloyd wright round house


    Good news: the threatened Frank Lloyd Wright home has been sold, for about $2.38 million, to a buyer who has reportedly promised to preserve it.


    Another update, this one discouraging: the potential buyer backed out of the deal, leaving the house’s future in jeopardy. On December 5, the Phoenix City Council voted to delay its vote on granting historic preservation designation; the vote is now scheduled for January 16.

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