house of the future

May 25, 2013 — 1 Comment

Famous for his iconic Egg chair, Danish architect Arne Jacobsen designed furniture, plumbing fixtures, lamps, speakers, door handles, flatware and other objects, as well as dozens of houses. His architectural resume includes not only banks, embassies and concert halls, but also, from 1955, a sausage stand.

Together with Flemming Lassen, Jacobsen designed a round house called the House of the Future in 1927, at the beginning of his career –


A flat-roofed glass and concrete structure, the House of the Future was fitted with a helipad, boathouse, and garage, as well as “windows that rolled down like car windows, a doormat that would automatically vacuum-clean visitor’s shoes, a conveyor tube for receiving mail and a kitchen stocked with ready-made meals.” It epitomized modern life, or rather a fantasy of what modern life would be. Having won the architectural competition for which it was designed, the structure was erected, in temporary form, for a 1929 exhibition in Copenhagen.

Jacobsen’s love for rounded and curved forms was evidenced in many of his other designs, like chairs in organic shapes, with playful names like the Tongue, the Ant and the Swan. In 1957, he designed a round house for smokehouse owner Leo Henriksen, in Sjællands Odde, Denmark.

ImageNot only does the house still stand today, many of Jacobsen’s product designs are still being made.



One response to house of the future

    Livon Diramerian May 25, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Arne Jacobsen is a futuristic architect. He knew very well that round forms are the most favorable forms. In the sketches his furniture are based on round forms.The furniture in the picture would have been better if designed in circular forms.

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