exuberantly round

September 29, 2013 — 5 Comments

A novelty style round house in Eads, Colorado, was recently entered on the National Register of Historic Places. Named the Crow-Hightower House after two of its early owners, the house has a conical entrance, a crenellated cornice, walls of contrasting brick, and an “exuberant” circular form. Here is the house in 1955, a few years after it was built –

eads round house

The NRHP registration form includes historical information about round houses in the US, noting that they are relatively rare both in Colorado and nationally. Apparently the builder of the Crow-Hightower House, Warren A. Portrey, had previously built another round house just outside of Eads, and went on to build two more circular structures in Oregon.

Portrey’s son Ron recalled that Portrey, who was always interested in new things, was eager to build more round houses. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get people interested in them because they were “not conventional” and “not the same style everybody else was building.” Portrey built the two Oregon structures — a house and a workshop — for himself.


5 responses to exuberantly round


    The decoration on the front is not in harmony with the design.


    Awe, my great grandpa built that house! He was amazing, funny, inventive, caring. He made something called “the ring-a-ding swing” back in the late 60s as well. I loved playing on that! And he sang a lot — “long way to Tipperary” was one of my favorites that I’d hear him sing. 🙂 this is nice

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