be different

October 5, 2013 — 1 Comment

“Be ‘different’ in a round house,” urged the Sydney Morning Herald in April 1964, advertising a small, two-bedroom circular house with a flat roof, clerestory windows, and adjoining carport –

be different in a round house

For a fee of ten guineas (equivalent to ten-and-a-half pounds), the paper offered readers the building plans for the small round house below –

sydney mh - 4-19-64

By the early ’60s, circular homes had gained a modicum of acceptance in Australia. Noted architects Roy Grounds and Alex Jelinek had already designed round houses on the outskirts of Melbourne and Canberra, and the Sydney Morning Herald had run articles on round houses in the US. How many circular house plans were sold — and whether any were built — is not known.


One response to be different


    The early 1960’s in Australia saw modern round houses designed by renowned architects Roy Grounds and Alex Jelinek. Round houses had been featured on more than one occasion in Sydney’s ‘Sydney Morning Herald.’ What came next? Advertisements in that same newspaper selling building plans for a round house, of course. This ad appeared in the April 1964 edition, featuring a two bedroom round house. Of note the flat roof, the clerestory windows and the carport.

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