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rotating round house for rent

December 27, 2015 — 1 Comment

There’s an open house on Monday at 19 Harkle Road in Novato, California: the iconic, rotating round house that overlooks Highway 101 –

harkle road, novato

Designed and built by Sam Harkleroad in 1963, the house “rotates 320 degrees at the flip of a switch.” Using motors scavenged from washing machines, Harkleroad, an imaginative builder of oddball homes, created a house that would spin slowly, “keeping the sun shining in the living room every day as long as possible.”

harkle road, novato, CAAnd as the real estate agency’s ad explains, “if you wish to change the view you can move the house.”

The house and its ever-changing view can be yours for $3,000/month.


A spinning, earthquake and hurricane resistant, energy-efficient dome, with a Guggenheim-inspired spiral staircase is on the market in New Paltz –


If you’re not ready to buy it, you can rent it for the weekend. As the owners will tell you, spending time in the dome is liberating.

“People really do behave differently in the round space,” one of the owners says. “It’s just free. It’s free-flowing, free of walls, free of constraints. It’s a space, versus a room, versus a box. There’s no limitation.”

the future is round

June 12, 2013 — 3 Comments

Why is the house of the future so often round? Is it because the houses of the present are so uniformly and predictably rectangular?

house of the future, 1956

The future house described in this 1956 ad, paid for by “America’s Independent Power Companies,” offered summer warmth in the midst of winter. Rotating on its central axis, it was able to “turn from hour to hour or season to season by electricity.”

Currently on sale for $1.2 million, this rotating dome in New Paltz can turn a full circle in five minutes.  The house was built using a kit from France called Domespace and has bamboo floors, stone cabinets, and a central spiral staircase.

It looks “like a space ship,” said the real estate agent handling the sale. “But it’s an amazing home. It’s the coolest home I’ve ever seen.”

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Space age round house in Wilton, Connecticut, designed by architect Richard T. Foster in 1968. “Floating 12 feet off the ground and 72 feet in diameter, the Round House is walled in glass, covered over and under with cedar shingles, and set on a cylindrical base retained by walls of stone.” The house rotates on its base.

A closer look at the house:

If you can stand the cloying mood music, here’s a video tour of the house, showing off its open floor plan, “spacious, spa-like bath,” stainless steel appliances, custom Ash cabinetry, and pristine surroundings.

As of June 2010, the house was on the market for $1.75 million. In 2008, before the market fell, it was selling for $2.3 million.