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round house rentals

September 9, 2010 — Leave a comment

Curious about what it’s like to live in a round house?  Try one out — there are circular homes available as vacation rentals in Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, and New York, as well as in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Honduras, the Bahamas, the Gambia, the Virgin Islands, Baja California, Mexico, and Jalisco, Mexico.


The Freeman Round House, built by stonemason Oliver Nestus Freeman in Wilson County, North Carolina, in the 1940s –

double round

August 19, 2010 — Leave a comment

Durham, North Carolina, has two round houses designed by local architect Archie Royal Davis.  Built in 1947 just doors away from each other, they are small and modest cinderblock structures –