Why a blog about round houses?

To start with, I was surprised that one didn’t already exist. Owning a round house is like having a very strange breed of dog — people notice it/wonder about it/ask about it.  Round houses seem to make a statement — at the very least, about the monotonous regularity of our rectilinear lives. They’re an interesting, unusual, diverting — sometimes even strange and flamboyant — minority.

They seem worthy of the pixels.

Although round houses are relatively rare, there are still lots of them; in fact, as I found after a couple of web searches, their variety is stunning.  On this site, I’ve collected some of the more interesting round house examples, from landmark structures designed by prominent architects to eccentric self-built follies. Some are beautiful; some are bold; some are odd, and some are ugly.

Reactions, comments, and additional information are all welcome. You can contact me at roundhousesblog[at]gmail[dot]com.


30 responses to why?


    You might like this house.
    I grow up on the same block. The original story had lots of photos, so maybe you can dig them out of the sfgate archive.


    Great blog! I’ve always been fascinated by circular houses too. In the UK I’ve found a few you can rent like this one http://www.rightroundhouse.co.uk/ and the Landmark trust have a circular building somewhere as a holiday let as well.


    Jo! Fantastic site, but still very few posts. I will try to send you sth more often.

    You should necessarily post shuttleworth’s house! its legend…

    and a joke:



    Great blog! We own a round house in Alexandria, VA and loved it the first time walking in it during the open house when it was for sale. I think only 3 people came during the open house since it might have been too strange for the DC folks but we think it’s great. We call it our own tree house since our upper deck is 30 feet above the ground. We sometime rent out a room to visitors to the area: http://www.airbnb.com/rooms/51502



    this blog is amazing… as are round houses

    thank you so much for the effort you put in 🙂


    A website/blog for Round Houses. Looks like there are more than I thought. Ours was completed in 1974.


    I would like to add another round home in Sarasota Florida by Jack West. How do I do it?


    (J’oublais !) Félicitations pour votre excellent blog !


    Nice idea! If you would like more examples from UK here are a few we have designed,
    http://k-f-m.com/ see Projects – Housing – Scroll to Headlands/Ockington/Starck/Whitehouse/Westwinds/Ladayman Barn


    what a delightful blog! thanks for sharing this idea, I’m enjoying it a lot!
    ..I designed my own round-house when I was a kid:

    starting from the “hall” in counterclockwise is the siting room, dining room, butler pantry, kitchen; bed, bedroom, swimming pool, media room, wc, piano room/library and in the middle is a tropical garden in a glasshouse. The decoration was terribly kitsch..


    Greetings! I love this blog and often share links to your posts on our facebook page which has a lovely group of round home aficionados. My husband and I live in a round house (here’s my blog about it http://www.mandalahomes.com/roundgreenhome) and own a round home building company in B.C. Canada (our website is http://www.mandalahomes.com) We ship round home kits all over the world. We started in 2000 and our business is growing, we recieve frequent inquiries and are booked with projects for the next year- in our world, we talk with far more people interested in round homes than rectangular! We’re actually looking for licencing partners in Europe and the US- if there is a good fit in values for green building, energy efficiency and social and environmental consciousness. It’s great to connect! If you get a chance, check out our fb page at http://www.facebook.com/mandalahomes..we‘d love to see you there! Warmly, Rachel


    Hi, I have been trying to find out for 2 years who constructed this house. There are a few of them around. Ft. Lauderdale, myrtle beach, florida keys. This one was torn down last week. I tried for 2 years to buy it, but Bank of America and the mortgagee could never get it together. Finally, the county stepped in and did what hurricane Andrew couldn’t. The storm passed almost directly overhead and the neighbors said it was the only thing left standing.


    I’ve really enjoyed our blog. Here is one I came across while looking for a home in New Mexico. Pueblo Modern — what’s not to love? (I’m not connected with the realtor or owner — just wanted to share the house with you). http://www.mlsfinder.com/nm_swmls/lindadevlieg/index.cfm?action=listing_detail&property_id=767266&searchkey=d0164812-eee0-0b05-a126-068c3654a305


    Thanks for doing this blog. I would love to see a revival of interest in round houses; I have been wanting to live in one most of my life.


    We live in a 50 foot diameter round home in Pawling, NY built in 1964. Let me know if you would like any info about it.


    I came across this house on MLS and thought I’d share. I definitely is an odd house but it looks like it comes with a giraffe.


    Excellent website. I love round houses and I’m resolved to have one custom built when I’m out of College.


    How do I post to the roundhouse blog. I am restoring a roundhouse in Texas built in 1948 with a really cool story behind it. Would like to share story and pictures. Thanks.


    We are currently selling our round house in rural central Ohio. It was constructed in 1980 by ‘Concept Homes’ based out of Nebraska (no longer in business). May be of interest!

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